DLOW Parade Waiver

Everyone Loves a Parade!

Come Join the Parade

Greetings from the Deckerville League of Women!!!

This year’s Parade is set for noon on Saturday. The DLOW has chosen the theme: "Mardi Gras Comes To Deckerville -- Let the Good Times Roll!” So get out those colorful outfits and lots of beads and let’s have a party! If you don’t want to decorate a float, any entry to advertise your business or club is great. Remember, any entry is a good entry! The more, the better!

Entries should go to the West End of Deckerville to register and be lined up no later than 11:30 a.m. Registration will be at the end of Marquette St. in the lot in front of Deckerville Plastics. A registration table will be set up there with DLOW members ready to give you a number and place you in line. Your number will be your position in the parade. We will tell you whom you follow and ask that you stay in the position given to you. The Parade Emcee will have something to say about each entry as it passes by him. By staying in your proper place in line, the Emcee will have the correct information about your entry and this will avoid confusion.

To register in advance of the parade, which will help our paperwork a great deal, please call Marsha at 810-404-0400 and she will take your phone #, name, float theme and category; or simply fill out the tear-off information sheet at the bottom of this letter and send it to the address listed. If there is anything specific that you would like said about your business, float or entry please list this also. Our Parade Emcee will use this information when announcing your float from the grandstand. Put this information on an index card or a 3”x5” paper and hand it to the girls at the registration table on Saturday, August 3. Also, you will notice we are asking every parade entry to sign a waiver this year for liability purposes to protect the Village (this is by request of the Village insurance carrier). Please sign this tear-off waiver below and send it with your entry form or you can sign on the day of the parade. All entries must sign this waiver before the parade starts.

We would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible. Entries with walkers, bike riders or antique cars, etc. that could have difficulty traveling the entire parade route, will be stationed off Ada St. and join the parade from there. There will be a DLOW member there to help you line up.

Some Special Reminders This Year...
•Please throw candy, etc. out and away from your entry so kids don’t run into the streets.
Let’s prevent accidents!
•All entries must sign the waiver before the parade starts.
•Rain date is Sunday, Aug. 4, at 1:00 p.m.
•Please refrain from loudly blowing horns and sirens. It not only scares the kids, but hurts many people’s ears!

Prizes will be awarded in three categories:
Funniest • Best Decorated • Best Follows Parade Theme

We will be at our registration table by 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 3, so come early and get your place in the parade. Thank you for your interest in past years and we hope to hear from you soon!

Marsha Pozsgay
DLOW Parade Chairperson