Free pony rides are always a big hit at the festival!

2019 Homecoming Festival Aug. 2-3-4

Homecoming is this weekend!

The Homecoming Committee continues to plan for another summer festival chocked full of events!

The next Homecoming Committee meeting will be Wednesday night, July 31, at 7:30 pm at Wilson Park.

Anyone wishing to help with the Homecoming is welcome to attend. We are always looking for volunteers and ideas to improve the festival!

Click on the tabs at the top of this page for a look at events going on at this year's festival. We continue to update the schedule regularly as events tend to change periodically.


Friday, Aug. 2, 2019 – 9 am – 5 pm

1. COLETTE McCONNACHIE - 3145 Ruth Road
2. BONNIE HOFF (Keith Williamson House) - 2461 Willow St.
3. JAMIE & MARGIE SCHMIDT - 3285 Main St.
4. DEBBIE SALOWITZ - 3380 S. Main St.
5. MELODY LANES (Bowling Alley) - 2511 Black River St.
6. AUDREY STOLICKER - 3535 Lucha St.
7. JOY MESSING - 2529 Black River St.

2019 Meeting Dates

Wednesday, July 31 @ Wilson Park, 7:30 pm

All are welcome!

Bechler's Food Booths are a popular destination for festival visitors.